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The PinUp Betting App welcomes users with a 125% deposit bonus and covers over 50,000 sports events alongside more than 13 sports promotions. We provides extensive betting options across sports, e-sports, and virtual sports. Start your journey with PinUp to explore a multitude of betting opportunities.

Our PinUp Betting App stands out as a premier choice for enthusiasts and professionals alike. This application offers a seamless, user-friendly experience, making it an ideal platform for both beginners and experienced bettors in India and beyond. With its comprehensive range of features and easy accessibility, the PinUp Betting App is transforming the way users engage with sports betting, catering effectively to the diverse needs of the Indian and Bangladesh betting community.

Advantages of Mobile Betting

The Pin-Up bet mobile app offers access to over 50,000 top events, presenting a wide selection of betting opportunities across various sports. Competitive odds across these events enhance the value for bettors, offering potential for better returns. This extensive coverage meets the needs of different bettors, from those interested in major leagues to followers of niche sports.

With 13 sports betting bonuses, our app provides additional value, enabling users to extend their betting strategies and opportunities. Features like Pin-Up Bet Online facilitate easy access to these bonuses and the app’s full range of services, ensuring a straightforward betting experience for all users.

Supported OSAndroid, iOS
Download LinkPin-Up APK
Betting MarketsCricket, Football, Kabaddi, Tennis, Badminton, eSports, and more. More than 45 sports.
Types of BetsSingle bets, Accumulator bets, System bets, Chain bets, Handicap bets, and Parlay bets
Live BettingA wide range of sports, every day there are more than 100 matches in different disciplines
Local Sports CoverageSpecial focus on popular Indian sports for betting
OddsCompetitive odds across all sports. Enhanced odds for specific events and markets
BonusesGenerous offers such as 125% on the first deposit for sports
Customer Support24/7 assistance via live chat, email, etc.

Why choose our PinUp App for betting:

Pin Up Bet App download

Our Pin Up Bet App delivers a comprehensive and streamlined betting experience. Its wide range of features, ease of access, and focus on security and user support make it an appealing option for anyone seeking a full-featured mobile betting solution.

Detailed Instructions for Downloading the Pin-Up Bet App

pin-up bet apk download

Downloading the Pin-Up Bet APK is an easy and user-friendly process. This simplicity is part of the app’s design, aimed at enhancing user convenience. Android users, in particular, will find the APK version of the app well-suited to the varied hardware and software configurations typical of the Android ecosystem. This optimization ensures that regardless of the specific Android device, users can expect a smooth, consistent, and reliable betting experience.

For those on iOS, our Pin-Up Bet App seamlessly integrates with the Apple ecosystem, providing a fluid and secure user experience. The app is designed to harness the advanced capabilities of iOS, including features like Apple Pay, which adds a layer of convenience and enhanced security for transactions. This focus on integration and use of platform-specific advantages makes the app a robust choice for betting enthusiasts on both Android and iOS platforms.

Downloading and Installing on Android

For Android users, the process of downloading and installing our PinUp Bet App is tailored to be user-friendly. After ensuring that their device allows installation from unknown sources, users can locate the downloaded APK file. Tapping on this file will initiate the installation process. It’s a seamless procedure that integrates the app into the device’s ecosystem, preparing it for immediate use.

The app’s interface is designed to guide users through the process of setting up an account, making a deposit, and navigating through the various betting options. This level of ease and convenience is what makes our PinUp Bet App a popular choice among Android users looking for a reliable betting platform.

Step 1: Download APK File

The initial step in accessing the Pin-Up Bet APK is to download the APK file. This process begins by visiting the official PinUp website or a trusted source. It’s imperative to use a reputable source to ensure the authenticity and security of the Pin Up APK file.

Completing this step is crucial for moving forward in the installation process of the Pin-Up Betting App. The downloaded APK file will be the source through which our app is installed.

Step 2: Change Security Settings

Pin-Up APK App Security

After downloading the Pin Up Bet APK file, the next critical step is to modify the device’s security settings. This step is essential for Android devices as they require permission to install applications from sources other than the Google Play Store.

It allows the Android system to accept and install our app without any hurdles.

Step 3: Install the App

Once the APK file is downloaded and the device’s security settings are adjusted, the next step is to install the Pin-Up Betting App. This process is straightforward and involves a few simple steps to get the app up and running.

After these steps, the Pin-Up Bet mobile App will be installed on the device, ready for use. Users can then open the app, create or log in to their account, and start exploring the betting options available.

Downloading and Installing on iOS

For iOS users, the process of downloading and installing our Pin-Up Bet App is streamlined through the App Store. This ensures a secure and straightforward installation process, adhering to Apple’s high standards for app quality and security.

To begin, users should open our App Store and search for the Pin Up Bet App download. Once found, clicking on the Get button initiates the download and installation process. The app is then automatically installed on the device, ensuring a smooth and user-friendly experience. The convenience of this process highlights the app’s accessibility to a wide range of users, regardless of their technical expertise.

Step 1: Go to the App Store

pin-up bet download

The first step for iOS users looking to Pin-Up Bet App download is to visit the App Store. Apple’s App Store is known for its security and a wide range of apps, making it a reliable source for downloading applications.

This step is crucial for ensuring that you are downloading our official Pin-Up Bet mobile App, maintaining the integrity and security of your device.

Step 2: Install the App

Once the Pin-Up Bet App is located in the App Store, the installation process is just a click away. This step is streamlined to provide ease and efficiency in app installation.

Following these steps will complete the installation of our Pin-Up Bet App download on your iOS device, ready for immediate use.

Attention! The Pinup Betting app is currently unavailable in the Indian and Bengali Apple Store, so you can click the button below – “Open Pinup” – and register on the mobile version of the site.

Types of Sports Betting in the APP

One of the standout features of the Pin Up App is live betting and streaming. This feature allows bettors to engage with the action as it unfolds, offering an immersive and dynamic betting experience.

Live betting involves placing bets on events during the game, providing the excitement of reacting to live sports events. Combined with live streaming, it allows bettors to make informed decisions based on the real-time performance of the teams or players, enhancing the overall betting experience on our Pin-Up Bet mobile App.

Types of Sports Betting

Our Pin-Up Betting App offers a diverse range of sports betting options, catering to different preferences and interests. Understanding these options is crucial for bettors to choose the types that best align with their strategies and interests.

Betting TypeFeatures
Pre-matchBets before game start
LiveBets during game
AccumulatorCombined multiple bets
SystemCombination bets in a game
PropBets on specific events/performances
FutureLong-term bets on outcomes

Each type of betting offers unique challenges and opportunities. Our Pin-Up Bet App provides the necessary tools and information for bettors to explore these options effectively.

Football Betting

Pin-Up Bet Football

The Pin-Up Bet App caters to football enthusiasts by offering betting on match outcomes, player performances, and events across over 30 national leagues, cups, and international championships. This extensive range provides options for both casual fans and in-depth football analysts.

Covers football leagues and tournaments globally, ensuring bettors have access to numerous games. This global coverage, paired with real-time updates, facilitates an engaging football betting experience. The Pin-Up Bet Download and Pin-Up Bet Online features simplify access, offering users a straightforward platform for their betting needs.

Cricket Betting

Our Pin-Up Bet App is celebrated across India and Bangladesh for its innovative approach to cricket betting, offering comprehensive options that cover every format of the game, from the endurance test of Test matches to the fast-paced excitement of T20 leagues. This app is designed to cater to the diverse preferences of bettors by providing a wide array of betting possibilities, such as pre-match wagers, in-the-moment live betting, and highly specific proposition bets. These features work together to substantially elevate the overall betting experience.

Pin-Up Bet Cricket

Bettors are invited to explore and partake in an extensive selection of more than 45 prestigious tournaments around the globe, including but not limited to:

What sets the Pin-Up Bet App apart is dedication to providing detailed statistics and the latest updates, elements that are fundamental for bettors to make educated and strategic wagers in the realm of cricket betting. The depth of strategic insights available through our app greatly enhances the betting process, rendering our Pin-Up Bet Mobile App a crucial companion for all cricket betting aficionados. Further enhancing its appeal, Pin-Up Bet India emphasizes ease of use through its user-friendly interface, which simplifies the process of diving into the vast world of cricket betting. This thoughtful design is specifically aimed at enriching the betting adventures of fans in India and Bangladesh, ensuring they have a smooth, enjoyable journey through the possibilities offered by cricket betting.

Baseball Betting

Pin-Up Bet Baseball

Baseball betting on our Pin-Up Bet App offers a variety of options, including match winners, run totals, and individual player performances. This range meets the needs of both casual fans and knowledgeable baseball followers.

The app provides betting on over 35 tournaments, encompassing international competitions. With real-time updates and statistics, bettors can make informed decisions, enhancing their experience on our Pin-Up Betting App.

Tennis Betting

Pin-Up Bet Tennis

Tennis betting, with its fast-paced and dynamic nature, is fully embraced by our Pin-Up Betting App. This platform allows for a range of betting options, including match winners, set scores, and individual player achievements, catering to various betting strategies and preferences.

Expanding its reach, our app enables betting on more than 50 tournaments, covering both major international events and smaller competitions. This comprehensive coverage ensures tennis fans have access to a wide array of matches for betting. Live updates and detailed player statistics on our Pin-Up Bet Mobile App offer valuable insights, supporting bettors in placing informed wagers. This blend of extensive tournament coverage, diverse betting options, and up-to-date information enhances the tennis betting experience.

Ice Hockey betting

pin-up bet apk download

Through our Pin Up Bet App Download, enthusiasts gain access to ice hockey betting, offering the ability to place strategic wagers on favorite teams across a variety of leagues and tournaments. This platform combines convenience with a broad array of betting options, allowing users to make informed decisions based on current odds and extensive coverage of competitions at all levels, including the international stage.

Our app facilitates betting on more than 42 tournaments of varying scales, enriching the betting landscape for ice hockey fans. This comprehensive tournament coverage ensures that bettors have access to a wide spectrum of matches, enhancing the overall betting experience on our Pin-Up Bet Mobile App.

Kabaddi betting

pin-up bet apk download

The Pin Up Bet APK equips kabaddi fans with a straightforward platform for betting on various matches and tournaments. It covers all major events, facilitating informed betting decisions through analysis of teams and player performances. This approach allows users to closely follow the sport and support their favorite teams with a deeper understanding of kabaddi’s strategic aspects.

Online betting platforms cover kabaddi comprehensively, from local competitions to international championships, offering various betting opportunities. These platforms provide live updates, allowing fans to place bets in real-time, which aligns well with kabaddi’s dynamic nature. This approach not only enables fans to back their preferred teams but also enhances the viewing experience by adding significance to every game action.

Badminton betting

pin up download apk

Our Pin Up Bet App streamlines badminton betting. It facilitates betting on both prominent international tournaments and local matches, enabling users to utilize their knowledge of player rankings and performances for more informed betting decisions.

This app supports betting on more than 6 major tournaments and 10 smaller-scale events, broadening the scope for badminton enthusiasts. Such comprehensive coverage ensures that users have access to various matches, enhancing the betting experience by allowing for detailed analysis and prediction of match outcomes on our Pin-Up Bet Mobile App.

Boxing betting

Pin Up Betting App enhances boxing betting by providing competitive odds and live updates, allowing fans to bet on their favorite fighters across various events. It considers essential factors such as fighter histories and styles, offering a platform that includes matches from different weight classes and organizations for informed betting decisions.

Online betting platforms provide comprehensive coverage of boxing events, from major championship bouts to undercard fights. These platforms update odds in real time, reflecting the dynamic nature of the sport and the betting landscape. Engaging in boxing betting not only enhances fans’ viewing experience but also allows them to leverage their understanding of the sport, making each fight an opportunity for strategic betting.

Betting on esports

E-sport betting has rapidly emerged as a popular choice among Indian and Bangladeshi bettors, offering a dynamic and engaging way to participate in the competitive gaming scene. This segment allows users to wager on outcomes of professional video game competitions, which include a variety of genres such as first-person shooters, real-time strategy games, and multiplayer online battle arenas.

The PinUp App caters to this growing interest by providing coverage of major e-sport tournaments and events around the world, including popular titles like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, and League of Legends. Bettors can access a range of betting options, from predicting match winners to specific in-game events, offering a nuanced betting experience that mirrors the complexity of the games themselves.

Dota 2

pin-upbet mobile app

Dota 2 betting on our Pin-Up Bet App enables fans to bet on teams and players, with a focus on the strategic aspects of the game. The app offers odds for a variety of competitions, allowing bettors to use their insights into game dynamics and team performance.

We supports betting on over 10 major tournaments and 15 smaller events, covering most Dota 2 competitions. This extensive selection helps bettors make informed decisions based on team conditions and player abilities. Betting options include outcomes like match winners and specific in-game achievements, with real-time odds and live betting that keep pace with Dota 2’s match developments. This setup encourages active fan participation by leveraging their game knowledge for predictions.


pin-upbet mobile app

CS:GO betting enables fans to place bets on esports matches, incorporating an analytical approach to the game. The strategic elements such as map selection, team strategy, and player skill levels are critical for making informed bets. Pin-Up offer odds across a variety of competitions, from smaller online events to major international tournaments, allowing bettors to draw on their knowledge of the game and the competitive scene to place bets.

Feature a range of CS:GO betting options, including outcomes like round winners and overall match victors. Live betting updates odds in real time, matching the dynamic nature of CS:GO gameplay. This approach to betting enhances the viewing experience by allowing fans to engage with the matches through their predictions and strategic insight.

Valorant app

Valorant betting lets fans participate in the esport’s competitive scene through wagers. With a focus on team strategies, player performance, and map advantages, betting platforms offer comprehensive coverage. Pin-Up includes everything from local competitions to international championships, allowing bettors to leverage their understanding of Valorant’s gameplay mechanics and esports ecosystem.

We provide options like predicting match outcomes, total rounds played, and specific in-game events. With live betting features, odds adjust to reflect the ongoing action in Valorant matches. Engaging in this way brings fans closer to the esports they follow, offering an opportunity to apply game knowledge in a competitive betting environment.

League of Legends

pin up bet online

League of Legends (LoL) betting involves strategic wagers on match outcomes, leveraging knowledge of teams, player performance, and game mechanics. With regional leagues and global tournaments, the betting scene is extensive. Informed bets hinge on understanding team dynamics, the current game meta, and player conditions.

Pin Up offer a variety of LoL betting options, from predicting the winner of a match to specific game events. Odds are updated live, keeping pace with the evolving nature of matches. Betting on LoL matches encourages fans to apply their knowledge and insights, enhancing their engagement with the esports scene.


pin up bets

PUBG betting engages fans by allowing wagers on matches and tournaments. Understanding team tactics, player skills, and map specifics is essential for informed betting. The game’s format, including solo and team play, broadens betting possibilities. Insights into gameplay mechanics and competitive standings guide bettors in making choices on a variety of events.

Our platforms offer PUBG odds on match winners, kill counts, and placement. Live betting updates reflect the game’s unpredictable nature, allowing for strategic wagers. This approach to betting deepens fan engagement, challenging them to use their knowledge and analytical skills.


pin up bet mobile app

Fortnite betting provides an opportunity for fans to engage with the game. Knowledge of player performance, team dynamics, and game updates is essential. The game’s frequent updates require bettors to stay informed about changes that could affect competitive play.

Our platform offer various Fortnite betting options, such as winner predictions, match placements, and specific achievements. Odds update in real time, reflecting the game’s dynamic match conditions. This form of betting encourages fans to utilize their game knowledge and strategic insights.

Virtual Sports

pin-upbet mobile app

In our PinUp app, betting on virtual sports is enabled by top providers like Betby, Virtual Sports, GoldenRace, LEAP, and Kiron. Users can bet on simulated events in football, horse racing, and greyhound racing, among others. Available 24/7, these virtual sports offer continuous betting opportunities.

Results are generated by algorithms to ensure fairness. our app offers a range of betting options to suit different preferences, making virtual sports betting a convenient choice for quick outcomes and the excitement of betting without waiting for real-life events.

Bonuses in Pinup for Betting

Our Pin-Up Bet App offers a range of bonuses and promotions, including the appealing Pin-Up Bet Bonus, designed to enhance the betting experience for its users. With 13 sports betting bonuses available, these incentives not only provide added value but also demonstrate the app’s commitment to user satisfaction. This variety of bonuses caters specifically to the diverse preferences and strategies of bettors, highlighting the app’s focus on enriching the user experience through substantial rewards. appWelcome BonusMake your first deposit with us and get up to 125% extra to your bonus account! Up to INR 450 000.
pin-up bet withdrawalEarly Win for NBAPlace a bet on the outcome of the game, and if your team leads by 18 points or more, you can collect your winnings without waiting for the end of the match!
pin-up bet withdrawalMaximum OddsEvery Monday, we select the top events of the week and offer the highest odds on them. PIN-UP does not charge a commission for such bets, and you get the maximum winnings!
pin up bet mobile appDouble MondayCatch tickets with double winnings every Monday! The recipe for success is simple — place sports bets with PIN-UP!
pin up betsCashBack If your accumulator suddenly does not win — we can always partially refund the bet amount to your account.
pin up bet online100% Bonus Time to power up your bet with a bonus up to 100%! Now just two events are enough to get a boost. appBet of the DayWin more with ready-made ‘bets of the day’! Place bets in one click and get a bonus of 1.15 to the express coefficient!
pin-upbet mobile appEarly Win from PIN-UPA two-goal advantage for football and a three-goal lead for hockey are enough for the bet to go through! Charge up on selected tournaments and get paid without waiting for the final whistle!

Pinup Betting App Screenshots

pin-up. bet. app.
pin up bets
pin-up bet withdrawal
pin-up bet apk download
pin-up bet app download
pin up app download apk


Our Pin-Up Bet App stands as a comprehensive solution for sports betting enthusiasts, seamlessly blending technology with user convenience. Its wide array of features, including diverse betting options, robust security measures, and user-friendly interface, make it a top choice for Indian and Bangladeshi bettors. The app’s commitment to providing an enjoyable and secure betting experience is evident in every aspect, from the ease of downloading to the efficiency of customer support.

The Pin-Up Bet App continually evolves to meet the changing needs of its users. With regular updates and new features, it stays ahead of the curve in the online betting industry. The app’s dedication to user satisfaction is reflected in its loyalty programs, diverse payment options, and responsive technical support, all of which contribute to a superior betting experience.

Whether you are a seasoned bettor or new to the world of sports betting, our Pin-Up Bet App offers a reliable and enriching platform to engage with your favorite sports. Its blend of accessibility, variety, and security makes it a worthwhile choice for anyone looking to experience the thrill of sports betting in a modern, digital format.

Article Author
Syed Tawsif Ahmed

I’m Syed Tawsif Ahmed, a sports journalist hailing from Bangalore. My career is centered around sports journalism, where I cover a range of sporting events. In addition to this, I have a niche expertise in reviewing online casinos. This unique combination allows me to provide comprehensive insights into the world of sports as well as the evolving landscape of digital betting.


How can I get the Pin Up Bet App download for my device?
To download the Pin-Up Bet App, visit the official Pin-Up website or your device's respective app store. For Android users, you may need to download the Pin Up Bet APK directly and ensure your security settings allow app installations from unknown sources.
Is the Pin Up Bet download process different for iOS devices?
No, the process is quite straightforward. For iOS devices, the Pin-Up Bet download is available directly from the App Store, ensuring a secure and streamlined installation.
What should I do if I encounter issues during the Pin-Up Bet APK download?
If you face any challenges during the Pin-Up Bet Apk download, check your internet connection, ensure you have enough storage space, and confirm that you are downloading the latest version of the app. If issues persist, contact the Pin-Up Bet customer support for assistance.
Are there any advantages to downloading the Pin Up Bet App directly from the website?
Downloading the Pin Up Bet App directly from the official website ensures you are getting the authentic and most recent version of the app. Additionally, the website may offer exclusive download bonuses not available elsewhere.
What types of sports betting options are available on the Pin-Up Bet App?
The Pin-Up Bet App provides a variety of sports betting options, ranging from popular sports like football and cricket to tennis, basketball, and more. Users can enjoy pre-match betting, live in-game betting, and access to a suite of other betting markets, all tailored to enhance the betting experience.
How does the Pin-Up Bet mobile App ensure the security of my betting activities?
Security on the Pin-Up Bet mobile App is a top priority. The app utilizes advanced encryption to protect personal and financial information. It's also regulated by reputable licensing bodies, ensuring that all betting activities are conducted in a safe and secure online environment.
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